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In 1525, the area was purchased by the Bürgerspital, a hospital that gave its name to the neighbourhood – Spittelberg means “Hospital Hill”. The area was used for agricultural purposes well into the 17th century. After 1675, Sigmund Freiherr von Kirchberg was the landlord of the Spittelberg, which developed into a village with a pridominantly Croatian population (Crobotendoerfl). The village was demolished in 1683 in the course of the Second Siege of Vienna through the Ottoman Empire. First by withdrawing Austrians who wanted to destroy potential hides and shelters for the Turks, then by the very Turks themselves.

In the end, barely a house of the Spittelberg had survived. Nevertheless, the cellars of the Spittelberg houses even today often pre-date 1683. The village was rebuilt after the defeat of the Turks and earned itself a dubious reputation as a place for shabby inns and brothels. In 1850, the Spittelberg became part of Vienna, combined with other neighbourhoods into the district of Neubau. Until WWII, the area remained known as a red light district.

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